A Child Shall Lead

How God Walks You Through Darkness with Hope,Wisdom and Healing

Released April 7, 2015
A Child Shall Lead: How God Walks You Through Darkness with Hope, Wisdom and Healing

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In A Child Shall Lead: How God Walks You Through Darkness with Hope, Wisdom and Healing, Carla Hart’s shares a story of tenacity, strength and love. Here the reader will see how each day in the life of a child in a hospital bed brings about new opportunities to grow, love, and learn. Hart’s words are a gift to those willing to open themselves up to the emotional messages of courage, strength, and determination.

A great resource for:

  • Fathers and mothers dealing with their child’s illness
  • Anyone who works in a children’s hospital or clinic
  • Camp volunteers
  • Teachers
  • Social workers


Here are the seasoned reflections of one who has learned to see all of life – even our most desperate and dire circumstances – through the eyes of faith. Carla Hart has much to teach us about “becoming as children” as Jesus said, that we might see Him walking in the midst of every challenge we face. If you’re looking for an anecdote to the cynicism and irony that plagues this generation, you’ve found it in A Child Shall Lead.

Carey Cash
Author, A Table in the Presence: The Dramatic Account of how a U.S. Marine Battalion Experienced God’s Presence Amidst the Chaos of the War in Iraq…


Eighteen years ago my life was irretrievably altered when I was called to the bedside of a dying child who summoned me asking if her ‘life had made a difference?’ In a “Child Shall Lead” Carla Hart explores 20 years of experiences that likewise altered her worldview with exceptional clarity, compassion and understanding, all informed by a vigorous faith. Ms. Hart has an uncommon ability to see the gifts that every one brings to the world – even in seemingly untenable situations – and shares her insights to our benefit. Ms. Hart challenges all to ‘take a look’ and I would urge you to join this extraordinary journey. Your life could be changed!

David Phillips, Ed.D.
Lankenau Medical Center


Carla is able to capture the “essence” of the spirit of the children, families, staff, and people she has encountered on her life journey. The book illustrates the human spirit and she is able to eloquently express what God has done in her life through her interactions with others. As a child life specialist, I had the opportunity to see her “works in action” and through her writings, she is able to paint a “vivid portrait” for all to see of her experiences working with pediatric patients.

Renee Hunte, MA, CCLS


We are all put on this earth to travel a journey. There are happy times, bumps and bruises along the way, and sometimes, indescribable heartache. The one truth is that God understands…and knowingly puts the right people in our path to walk our journey with us. Carla Hart IS a blessing that God had chosen. The way she has touched so many lives is a testament to the beautiful soul that lives within her. Reading this book will restore your faith in humanity. We all have the ability to change someone’s life…Carla already has.

Patti Deppe
Mom of Sarah Grace


In every profession you will find those who are, quite simply, passionate about what they do. I have encountered them in all types of positions and all walks of life. They love what they do and they end up making a difference in the lives of others while having their own lives enriched beyond their wildest dreams. It is who they are, and they really don’t know what else they would do in life besides what they are doing. In thirty-three years of ministering to hospitalized children and their families, in hospitals and camps throughout the United States, I have met no one more passionate about her work than Carla. I am honored to know her as a friend and so glad that she has opened up her journey to the rest of us in the pages of this book.

Woody Wolfe – musicianary
Director, Heart to Hand Ministries, Inc.


A Child Shall Lead is an inspirational and compelling look at the lives of some very small people who are facing very big problems. Carla has given us a view into their world, with compassionate storytelling and spiritual wisdom. These accounts give us a reason for hope beyond hope, and help us to see light even in the darkest places.

Mark Traylor
Pastor of Eastwind Community Church


It was achingly wonderful to read this book! Having recently gone through cancer treatment with our 10 year old son, I read, with tears streaming down my face, these heartrending stories of resilience, courage, suffering, revelation….The biblical quotes ground the experiences described and put spiritual context in the most human of circumstances. I highly recommend this book to all people who have gone through or are going through situations for which there is no roadmap. It speaks to the beauty and enrichment that can be found in the most difficult experiences. Having been repeatedly humbled and inspired by my child, these messages spoke to me uniquely. Carla walked with us though our sons treatment with the education and neurocognitive consequences of his brain surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. With this book she once again lovingly inspired, encouraged and supported us as we continue to love a child and family who went through the unimaginable. Please take the time to read this wonderful book!

Mary Dittrich, MD, FASN


Life does not always make sense. When our livelihood is threatened unexpectedly, we suddenly realize how fragile, complex, and vulnerable we are.

A Child Shall Lead is a beautiful collage of true stories about people confronted with life-altering circumstances who must overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, fear, and doubt. Carla Hart takes us on a journey into the deepest part of the human experience where life and death hangs in the balance, and where grace and love are abundant.

This book gently touches our emotions, inspiring faith and courage to beat the odds. Written from an eye witness account, Carla shows us how God often uses the most unlikely encounters with people to demonstrate His compassion and bring about healing. These stories reveal our need to live in right relationship with God and each other. In this way we find lasting peace and joy, even in the midst of pain and suffering.

Kevin Mark
Executive Director, Wind & Wheat Ministries

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