Are You Curious About George?

Breaking News….just in from Africa!


Yes, he sure is my friends! Our George is going to college! Whoot Whoot! Break out your dancing shoes because I’m over here “churning the butter” and dancing a Jig!

For those of you who are not as familiar with George, he is a friend of mine whom I’ve only met through paper. I met him in 2008 when he was 14 years old, in Grade 7. He is from Kaloleni, Africa and was seeking educational sponsorship through our church. I chose to sponsor George, as he was the only teenager on the “table of children” requesting help.

To me, being the oldest of children that needed sponsorship meant that he had made it past all of the obstacles that held the other older children back. To me, it said he was unique, one of a kind. I felt there was a reason that I stood at that table and waited in line for all of the other children to be selected first. To me, he was special and he needed someone to support what God had intended for his life. The bottom photo on the letter page is George at 14. Look how young he looks in that picture!

Over the course of these last 9 years, we have been able to write back and forth 2 letters per year. In between those times, I’ve spent countless hours praying for him, his family and those who work in his school. In one of his first letters to me he wrote, “ I thanks God for (you) educating me…” he went on in other letters to tell me about his interests (swimming, dancing and singing) and that he wanted to work hard so that he could be sponsored into secondary school (which is what we call High School). Progressively, his English improved (quite well I might add) as did his grades. George also shared with me that he wanted to eventually make it to University so that he could help the people of his country. Each of his letters ended with him thanking me for my support and with a prayer just for me.

There was never a doubt in my mind that I would do whatever it took to make sure that George would be able to follow his educational dreams. I am humbled and excited that God chose me to help George. God is so good! He has provided me with the means to be able to continue to assist George over these last 9 years.

George and I write in each of our letters that “one day we will meet face to face…” I’ve wanted to visit him with our church group each time they’ve traveled to Africa, however, I haven’t been able to go as of yet. However, I can feel it inside my soul that one day I will….I have a vision of me standing in a beautiful, lush field watching George as an adult. I see him talking to people with a smile on his face, helping them, guiding them as they gather outside in the sun. He walks over to me and then we are introduced. I smile and without words I hug him as tears stream down my face.

This week, George started at the Shanzu Teacher’s College in Mombasa. There he will be studying for a diploma in Community Development. Can you believe that? He said he wanted to help the people of his country and here he goes. It is a two year boarding school, so I’m sure he is thrilled for the opportunity to move away on his own. George is our first student that our church has sponsored who has made it into college! He’s so grown up!

It wasn’t always easy for George and he has been on quite a journey. He has had to study by candlelight, help raise his 7 brothers and sisters, repeat a grade so that he could graduate secondary school as well as study (and pass)  his University entrance exam. It’s so exciting to see the progress he has made!

Tenacity, spunk, creativity and gratefulness all describe George Safari and have contributed to his success. God has chosen this young man to do great things in our world. If you feel led, would you join me in surrounding this young man with prayers and positivity so that God can continue to work through him for the greater good?

Congratulations George Safari!!! I am so proud of you, my friend. May God Bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

Until we meet face to face….


  1. Anne Hamel Brenton

    Dear Carla,
    Even as it was challenging to read through my tears, I am so happy! I too would have been drawn to an older child. I think what they have been through just to be at this place, what life has brought to them before making it to your heart and help to know the love of God coming through you to this wonderful spirit in need. I pray for you, your church, George, and all around to keep the work of the Lord going on.

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