Did It Really Matter?

Greetings my friends! It feels good to be back writing again. Thoughts are always swirling around in my head waiting to be put on these pages. The challenging part for me is finding that quiet time without interruptions where I can actually sit down and compose a complete sentence …or…

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Can Music Heal?

Healing with Music

This blog is an eye-opening interview with a beautiful 16 year-old young lady, Lauren Cash, who lives with something called POTS. Read how she uses music to bring inspiration and healing to herself and others. Briefly describe yourself: I’m Lauren Cash, age 16; I live in Glen Allen, Virginia. Glen Allen…

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Eyes in the Back of my Head

Everyone has done it; looked back at something in their life and wondered why they made certain choices. We wonder how things could have been different, “If only…” Sometimes, these memories bring about sadness or regret causing us to wish we had that time back so that we could have…

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