Can Music Heal?

Healing with Music

This blog is an eye-opening interview with a beautiful 16 year-old young lady, Lauren Cash, who lives with something called POTS. Read how she uses music to bring inspiration and healing to herself and others. Briefly describe yourself: I’m Lauren Cash, age 16; I live in Glen Allen, Virginia. Glen Allen…

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How to Grow a Thick Skin

I had the opportunity to hear my guest blogger, Colonel (Ret.) Jill Morgenthaler, Author, Leadership Expert, International Speaker present at the BbWorld 2015 national conference this summer. She was captivating; full of inspiration and wisdom. I am honored to share a bit of her insight with you today. In the Army in the…

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Which two words can change someone’s life?

These two words carry such an enormous weight, yet they seem so small. Do you remember the last time someone presented you a sincere offering of these two words? What about the last time you genuinely gave them to someone else? While walking the halls of the hospital where I…

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