Which Ice-Cream Flavor Describes Your Life?

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!!!” Did you know that was a song/cheer in the 1920’s?  Did you know that chocolate ice-cream was invented before vanilla in 1692?!  Did you know that professional ice-cream tasters (yes, that is a real job) use a special gold spoon when tasting so that virtually no trace of flavor from the last taste is present on the spoon? Who knew?! I sure didn’t. What I do know is that people love ice-cream.

A new ice-cream parlor just opened up in Boise and while perusing their website, I noticed they were looking for additional staff to join their team. They asked applicants to describe the 3 sweetest things in their life and explain why they considered them sweet. From there they were to create an ice-cream flavor that represented one of those sweet things and to name it. That seemed like such a creative way to get to know people and while I’m not in the market to start a career in ice-cream, I do think it’d be fun to participate in this exercise.

It’s hard to narrow down just three sweetest things in my life so I’m going with what popped into my head automatically and first.

  1. Family which includes my chocolate lab, Hershey
  2. Travel/Adventures
  3. Friends

Peanut butter shakes after a fun bike ride in Boise!

To start, these three categories are many times synonymous. After-all, I spent my childhood moving from state to state each year so friends became like family. We were always on some “adventure” when moving and moving (travel) brought exposure to different cultures and people. Hershey, well, he’s a dog, he’s my family, he loves adventures and what dog do you know that doesn’t love ice-cream? Why are these things so “sweet” in my life? How do they make me happy, full and content?

Last week, some of my family came to visit me in Boise. My sister, brother-in-law and my niece were here for one week and we had a ball! My heart is full of sweet memories. My family brings a sense of comfort and a part of my past into my present in a way that no one else can do. We share traditions and create new ones along the way. My niece who is 6 (and 1/2 as she will tell you) brings laughter and light into my heart. I love watching the world through her eyes. When we are together, we are inseparable. We use the term “shadow-links” as we are never very far away from each other whether that’s in the car, house or while we are out and about. My sister and I coined that term years ago when we’d be preparing to visit one another. Emails or texts would look something like this, “I can’t wait to see you! We are going to have so much fun! Let the countdown begin. Be prepared for shadow-link.” and  the response would look something like this, “Shadow!” “Shadow!”

The “potato” is actually vanilla ice-cream rolled in cocoa powder. The “sour-cream” is actually whipped cream! Delish!

My niece loves to sing, dance, swim and have me create hairstyles for her. I love these things as well so it is one big fun-filled, silly-nilly, dance party when we are together. Now, talk about a girl who loves her ice-cream. During the week she was visiting, we had soft serve ice-cream cones, popsicles, milkshakes, and scoop ice-cream! She even went out with her parents one day while I was at work and had another cone (with out me!!) The only thing we missed was the ice-cream man visiting our street. Flavors varied, however, her favorite flavor of the week was cookies and cream. Anyone else like that flavor? I tend to get stuck between two of my favorites: 1) Peanut Butter (chocolate peanut butter if I’m eating scoop ice-cream and vanilla with peanut butter if I’m having a shake!) and 2) Mint Chip. Hard to go wrong either way. 

We ventured up to Sun Valley, Idaho for a couple of days too and took in the offerings of the land. We hiked up to Bald Mountain and could see for miles on our sunny, clear day. During the hike we saw deer running down the mountain side, butterflies in the brush and fish in the stream. The sense of peace there is undeniable. The smells crisp and the air clean. The hike allowed for all of us to have conversation, seek out adventure and create memories along the way. Can you guess what we did after we were done?! You guessed it…we found a local ice-cream stand and had a scoop ( or 3 ) of ice-cream! 

To pick just one sweet memory from my week in order to create my ice-cream flavor would be difficult; so here is how I would create mine:

  • 1 bowl of love mixed with family, friends and adventures
  • Mix together with generous cupfuls of laughter, songs and smiles
  • Hug into scoops and place hugs into serving vessel of choice
  • Gently place surprises inside scoop so when discovered it is like a hidden treasure revealed
  • Sprinkle with gratitude, peace and everlasting memories
  • Enjoy!


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